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It's not just about the nappies!  Sure, you love them, but why not pair them up with some cute matching accessories.

Take a look at our range including change mats and wet bags to help you on your way to becoming a cloth nappy pro.

Why not also consider some additional inserts?  Absorbent bamboo inserts can take time to line dry, so purchasing extra inserts instead of complete nappies can help you bulk up your stash more effectively and also save you money in the long run.  

Our change mats are a generous 50 x 70 cm and feature a soft bamboo velour side, plus a water resistant colourful PUL outer.

Our wet bags measure 29 x 30cm and can easily accommodate 4 cloth nappies.  The hand strap is also fitted with a snap closure to make it super easy to attach to your pram, or even the strap of your handbag.  If you're heading out for the day, we find it's a good idea to take 2 wet bags with you.  One for clean nappies plus wipes and a change mat, and one for the used nappies.  The PUL lining of our wet bags ensures any smells are minimised, meaning you don't need to worry about carrying around a dirty nappy in your bag during the day.

Cloth nappies are not just for home use.  With our range of stylish matching accessories we give you the confidence to make the sustainable choice while you're out and about for the day.

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