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We are supporting cancer research

From May 1-14 2019, we donated 50% of all profits to the Remove The Mask Radiotherapy campaign.

This important research will help improve the treatment and outcomes for Head and Neck cancer patients in Australia and worldwide. 

Currently, radiotherapy treatment for head and neck cancer involves the use of a head mask bolted to a table to ensure the patient does not move during treatment.  This can be terribly frightening for many patients, causing ongoing stress and anxiety.  Especially as patients must remain fixed to the treatment table for approximately 20 minutes at a time, 5 days a week, for up to 8 weeks.

After losing a beloved family member 2 years ago after he refused treatment for his cancer following the creation of his mask, this issue is really important to us.

You can learn more about this project by the ACRF Image X Institute here: 

Or watch the video below to hear some unique stories from cancer survivors.