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About Us

Pumpkin Pips is a small Australian family business based in Sydney.

Our backgrounds are in science and environmental sustainability, so of course we wanted to use cloth nappies when our son was born, and choose the best ones too!

We tried so many different brands and styles, and then chose the features we loved the best from all of them to create Pumpkin Pips.

Our must haves were:

- A nappy that is easy to fit on a wriggly baby

- Has high absorbency natural fibers of bamboo and cotton for a power-wetter

- Has a soft microfleece stay dry lining

- Is easy to clean without needing to scrub multiple layers (particularly in the newborn days)

- A quality nappy that will last from birth to toilet training

- Cuteness is a bonus.  Your photos and lasting memories of your little bundle of joy will be so much nicer in a fluffy cloth bum compared to a disposable nappy.

With all of this in mind, we offer a range of affordable one size fits most (OSFM) reusable modern cloth nappies with quality 4 layer absorbent bamboo cotton inserts that are perfect for those looking to travel down the eco parenting route.  We understand that for many people the choice to use cloth is not just environmental, but also budgetary.  That's why we've made the decision not to wholesale our products, so that we can keep costs low and pass those savings onto you.

We are passionate about doing as much as we can for the environment, and helping new parents make a better choice for their baby and for their future.