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Nappy Care Instructions

First wash

To prepare your new nappies, soak the inserts in water overnight before washing them with the shells prior to first wear.  


Nappy care and cleaning

To avoid smells, briefly rinse all wet inserts to dilute the urine before storing with the nappy shell in a dry pail for washing day.  Dirty nappies should have solids tipped into the toilet (or rinsed down the toilet/sink for newborns) and be stored with the rinsed inserts in the dry pail.

We recommend a quick pre-wash with detergent in warm water (40°C), followed by a heavy wash option, again using warm water (40°C) and a good detergent. Avoid washing your nappies with large items such as bath towels. The nappies can become caught in the larger items and not receive enough agitation to obtain a thorough clean. This could result in stains remaining on your nappies after the wash.  Do not spin the shells at speeds above 800RPM as this could damage the elastics.

Line drying is preferred.  On especially hot days, it is advisable to bring your nappy shells inside as soon as they are dry as excessive heat can cause damage to the Polyurethane Laminate (PUL) lining.  Avoid tumble drying the shells as this can reduce the lifespan of the PUL and the elastics.  The inserts can be tumble dried without issue.    

The bamboo inserts are incredibly absorbent, but this also means that they can be slow to dry.  In cooler climates and in winter time you will need 2 days to dry them.  Options to overcome this are to tumble dry them, let them spend one day on the line and then finish them off in the dryer in the evening, or purchase additional inserts so that you always have some dry ones on hand.

Please be aware that failure to follow our care instructions is at your own risk and will void any potential warranty claims.